Mission to Nocterra

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager space probe into the galaxy.
In 2018, we got something back.

Welcome to Nocterra, a microcosm of an alien planet where the visible light spectrum does not exist. Experts have identified that each wall in this recovered spacecraft was intended to teach us something about the Nocterran way of life, but after months of slow progress, the Winslow Corporation is crowd-sourcing the public’s help to unlock these mysteries.

Every fifteen minutes, a new crew of research specialists is invited onboard the craft. After a brief light readjustment experience to prepare their eyes for complete darkness, each researcher will have the opportunity to try to solve the puzzles and make meaning out of the materials on her wall using the senses of touch, smell, and sound. Will they help the world understand what the Nocterrans are trying to tell us?

This experiential installation meets puzzle room is designed to be experienced in complete darkness. The Mission to Nocterra experience was created in collaboration with Matt Gesualdi, Dan Griner, Bailey Van Etten, Mara Maxwell, and Brice Sullivan in partnership with the Colorado Center for the Blind and Maker Faire Denver with support from Meow Wolf.

Elements which I personally designed and built include: audio soundscape, Biospheres puzzle wall, 1-minute dynamic “light adjustment” experience on entry and exit to the structure. In addition, all collaborators assisted in the development of the overall concept and backstory and the “pre-theatre” experiences props, costumes, and performance.

Selected press coverage

Try an escape room in total darkness at the Denver Maker Faire” in 303 Magazine, October 2018

Walk through an alien world at this year’s Maker Faire Denver” in Nerd Alert News, October 2018