Jenny Filipetti is an artist based in Milan, Italy. Her creative practice draws from a background in biology, semiotics, and computer science in addition to the arts to juxtapose human and non-human attempts to process, interact with, and make meaning of the sensory ecologies in which we participate. Attentive to the ways she herself has been formed by place, she also recognizes she was born and shaped on the ancestral lands of the Lenape people in present-day New York, in Manhattan, whose name itself continues to echo their understanding of and and symbiosis, and Rockland County.

Jenny is a former member of the faculty of Inworks at the University of Colorado, an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to developing student and community capacities in design thinking, computational thinking, and rapid prototyping towards addressing hard human challenges. She is also cofounder and director of Immersive Denver, a community organization seeking since its first educational summit in 2018 to connect the experiential creative community, generate new audiences for immersive, and advance efforts around performer and participant safety, agency, access and inclusion.

Jenny holds a Master of Fine Arts in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver and a degree in Art-Semiotics from Brown University, where she also studied computational biology. Notable past awards include her interactive installation Breath Vessels being selected as a finalist and exhibited artwork for the Arte Laguna International Art Prize and her team being chosen as a finalist for the 2017 International Biodesign Challenge at the MoMA in New York for a working prototype of a luminescent wearable biosensor.


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