Liquid mirror direct projection view

The images above and videos below depict the raw output of the liquid mirror technology, in various configurations. This creates a subtle flickering effect when output through LED grids but may also be projected directly as shown here for a more direct translational experience. For example:

  1. A single video channel mask on black background creates a literal light mirror or “light shadow” effect in dark environments.
  2. The use of a particle system within the masked area rather than a one-to-one mask generates the appearance of motion. It is appropriate for use even with still images as the mask or background or anywhere that a more subtle interaction is desired.
  3. By using one video for the mask and a different video for the background, interesting dynamic effects can be achieved. This might also take the form of two completely independent moving images, or alternatively a single source onto one copy of which slight post-processing effects have been applied (e.g. shifted brightness, hue).

Please note that the short video snippets below will loop upon playback.