This page was created by me, fellow quarantiner Jenny Filipetti out in Milan, Italy. In the first few days descending into the coronavirus pandemic, I felt overwhelmed with emotion and inspired by different ways of seeing and experiencing the world around me. I felt that there would be a core group of us who couldn't come out of this experience unchanged, that both in its personal pain, its economic hardship, and its possibility, it might bring a new beginning for how we exist as people, as societies, as nations, as a world.

I'm grateful I wrote many of these thoughts down in sketchbooks and via Instagram Stories because already they feel so far away, the strategies and new rituals that two weeks ago were so curious now just part of this temporary new normal. The thought of returning back to that old normal just as before seems so much more in reach.

I put together this site hoping that others who are experiencing the strange swings of sensation could write them down and share. Those who wish will get an e-mail reminder of their resolution in the future from the other side of this thing. The resilience of humans is astounding. The intensity of this experience will go by much faster than you might think. Remember the parts that are meaningful about it to you in whatever ways you can.