Liquid mirror

Liquid mirror is a technology designed for interactive light installations. It acts as an abstracted “light mirror” that transforms the movements of passersby into flickering patterns of light. In a sense, it also mirrors the moods and emotions that encounter it, inviting playful interaction as equally as meditative reflection. The piece does not demand intentional interaction but rather reacts to its surroundings, generating surprise and delight among its often-unsuspecting viewers.

Both physically and conceptually these works evoke the comfort and reassurance of light. If we feel alone amidst the darkness of night, these pieces bear witness to our presence, illuminating us in their glow. There is a living quality to the subtleties of this light, accompanying us in however transient our passage through its shared space.

Liquid mirror technology was first exhibited in 2015 as the wall piece Weare, although it has since served as a technical backbone for several custom projects. It is scalable to many different sizes and resolutions and can be incorporated into wall-based or sculptural works.

View the video documentation of Weare below or on Vimeo.

You can also find a behind-the-scenes look at the direct output from the system through photos and video here. This can be projected directly for a less subtle “light shadow” effect.