12 Months, Moons, and Sons

This collaborative synesthetic piece experienced its world debut at the Kav Kaz Festival in Derbent, Russia, in October 2021, under the curation of Masha Kroupnik. This work sought to bring alive the Biblical story of the 12 Sons of Israel, creating a multisensory symphony of sound, light, and colour for each brother/tribe. Visual pieces incorporate the colours, symbols, and imagery  relating to the life or tribal role of each son, each element created as visual embodiment of the experience listening to that piece. The videos were then compiled and performed live during the festival.

I created and performed the live video projections. Music was composed by Uri Brener and conducted by Zarifa Abdulaeva. Featuring Sergei Nakaryakov (France) on the trumpet and cornet, Elias Faingersh (Sweden) on the trombone, live electronics, shofar, and the Makhachkala Philharmonic Orchestra. Narrative elements were composed by Elias Faingersh and Keren Klimovsky (Israel/Sweden). Additional lighting design by Imre Zsibrik (Sweden). View video footage from the Tribe of Levy, the Tribe of Issacher, and the 12 Tribes of Israel.