I’m excited to announce that our production “Don Quixote de Auraria: The Lived Adventures and Tales of Auraria and Its Hero” has been optioned by the Denver Center for Performing Arts Off-Center (DCPA) for potential production in their 2022 season!

Experience a magical modern-day retelling of Don Quixote set amidst the real community history and ongoing issues of housing and urban development that shape downtown Denver and Auraria. The worlds of past, present, and possibility literally begin to blur as you complete quests alongside fellow knights-errant and together determine the future of our city. This outdoor participatory production is experienced in small groups, interweaving live performance, phone and text -based narrative, and geo-locative audience interaction.

This work was one of two productions selected by the DCPA in an open call of over 82 Colorado artists. I have loved being part of this amazing team to develop this show:

James Lopez: Director, co-writer/producer
Jenny Filipetti: Interaction and technical designer, co-writer/producer
James Brunt: Lead performer, co-writer
Gregorio Alcaro of Casa Mayan: Co-writer/producer
Thomas Vincent: Sound design

View one of the concept sneak peeks below or read more at the Denver Center for Performing Arts!