Jenny Filipetti is an American artist currently based in Milan, Italy. She is driven by the question of how we might imagine new possibilities for experience and expand our sensory perception, ideas she has developed through algorithmically-driven digital paintings, interactive objects, immersive concepts and community building, and most recently through the Undesignthinking project.

Systems, codes, and temporality are recurring themes in her work, particularly as they are impacted by digital technologies. Whether algorithmic, biological, or social, we live enmeshed in codes and as participants in expanding ecologies of sensory systems both human and non-human. Through the rise of computer vision and machine learning, these ecologies increasingly also include machines. Jenny draws from her background in biology, semiotics, and computer science as well as the arts to juxtapose human and algorithmic attempts to process, catalogue, and make meaning of this networked perceptive experience. Her creative work and research seek to synthesize Alfred North Whitehead’s concepts of concrescence and creativity with the work of philosophers Martin Buber and Ernst Bloch for their insights into how the past might be stored as a source of future potential to generate something radically new.

Jenny holds an MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver and an undergraduate degree in Art-Semiotics from Brown University. Through early 2020 she served on the faculty of Inworks at the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus and continues to build opportunities for Colorado-based creative professionals as director of Immersive Denver.

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